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Check Do Not Call Registry

Starting from 2nd January 2014, all telephone numbers in Singapore will need to be check with the Do Not Call Registry before sending any marketing SMS, fax or telemarketing calls. For further information, please visit PDPC Website -> Resources -> Advisory Guideline

To ensure business is as usual for our customers, we have setup a new website to allow you to check your database of numbers with the DNC registry without any hassle

Benefit of checking through us
1. Automatically excludes duplicate, overseas & wrong phone-no (Only numbers starting with 3,6,8,9 are accepted)
2. Whether to check phone numbers that are already listed in the DNC
3. Filter neatly for you to download the CLEAN list and the DO NOT CALL list
4. Most cost saving to check through us as we are checking in bigger volume

How it works
1. Sign up at
2. Upload your phone numbers file in CSV / Excel / Text
3. Confirm on the total numbers to check and the credits to be deducted (You may use One Way SMS's credit for checking or you may purchase credits from
4. View DNC result within 24 hours. We will notify you when the result is ready.
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