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Picture SMS

Make your message stand out with Picture SMS.

Sometimes, it is difficult to describe a product, such as a new food menu, or a property or even a new clothing line. Let the picture do the selling, a picture can tell a story that words alone cannot describe.
You know the benefits of SMS marketing but did you know if you add a picture, your odds of success are so much better.

See The Difference
Recently, we had two clients who used two methods to get their message out.
One had a picture on itThe other didn't
Guess who had more enquiries?
The one with picture on
They managed to pull in 26% more enquiries than the one without
The best part is, there is NO additional cost to send a sms with a picture when you use One Way SMS.

It is very simple to send SMS with picture.
- Simply upload an image you wish to send.
- Next, send a few test sms to your phone.
- Our system will scale the image according to your phone resolution.
- Once you are satisfied, request for approval and you are good to go to broadcast sms with a picture to your customers

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Free Trial
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Money Back Guarantee
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